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We are all volunteers, giving up our free time to help make your chat experience a pleasant one, we do this because we enjoy it and because we want to.  We try our best to be friendly and nice wherever possible and unlike other sites being power hungry would get moderators removed. we are here to help not to rule over chatterz 🙂

Chatroom Staff

Simber (Admin) 

Simber is the founder of Chatterz, He likes skating, eating junk food and Haribo’s!  He has a secret passion for the Lion King films! He is the technical whiz so any issues contact him first and he will try his best to fix them! He also likes walking in the woods and taking pictures of small animals!

Gopher (Moderator)

Gopher lives in a zoo in Norfolk! She loves Sloths and Pygmy Goats! on a Saturday Gopher can be found on the sidelines at the football club she manages, usually abusing the players and referee! Gopher also has a habit of shouting MAAAH WHAT WHAT at passersby in her village but hasn’t been locked away… yet!

We are looking for new Moderators…..

Do you think you can be a great chat host?

Can you keep the rooms moving, join in with the fun & chat, Be impartial and level headed, spot the difference between abuse & banter?

Then why not send us an email to letting us know why you would make a great host and what you can bring to the team.



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Please do not contact our website staff with issues relating to chat rooms, they are not chat room staff so will be unable to advise or assist you. Simber,  and Gopher are your port of call for all matters 🙂

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